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Hassle Free parking at Why Not? Dumaguete

Are you annoyed by the lack of car parking space in Dumaguete City? Yes? Parking in front of the Why Not? is a “stress vacation” for you!

Mother’s day May 11

Enjoy your day with your marvelous mother… Today is a special day For mothers everywhere So why not give them lots of love And show them that you care.   Shower them with flowers And with chocolates too For mothers everywhere today really do love you.   They are there…

Chocolate Is Not An Addiction – It Is Simply A Real Necessity

Are you a fan of fine imported Swiss chocolates? Available at Chicco’s Deli, Why Not? Dumaguete, Rizal Boulevard, Negros Oriental

Valentine’s Day Special Menus

Also this year we will keep for you some Valentine’s Day Special menus prepared…

Swiss Native Grill Night

Why Not Dumaguete presents: Swiss Native Grill Night Every Thursday from 6PM at Le Chalet Swiss Restaurant Click any Photo to Enlarge!

WHY NOT? — Le Chalet Restaurant

Le Chalet is a Swiss restaurant that serves a variety of Filipino and international dishes. Le Chalet is a favorite among both the local population of Dumaguete and the International traveler alike. Click any Photo to Enlarge!

Why Not Dumaguete?

Why Not, Dumaguete