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Chiccos Delicatessen and Restaurant Now Accepts Orders for Delivery

WE NOW ACCEPT ORDERS FOR DELIVERY! Please see our full menu below. Please note that some dishes that are unavailable for delivery are marked accordingly. For orders and inquiries, you can reach us through: Landline: 422-9209 or 225-4488 Globe: 0915-566-3019 (Call, text, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) Smart: 0947-494-4991 (Call, text) FOOD…

Why Not? Valentine

   Why Not? Disco   February 13, 2015  Comments Off on Why Not? Valentine

Valentine Dinner February 14, 2015 (Saturday) – A perfect Valentine Dinner awaits you at Le Chalet and Chicco’s Deli, for this special day, we are serving a Special Valentine Menu for couples, family and friends celebrating love in every way possible. Regular Menu is still available for those who wants…

Why Not Dumaguete?

Why Not, Dumaguete

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