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Let’s meet at Kuhstall Barn!

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Let’s meet at Kuhstall Barn!

Separated from the disco is the Barn (“Kuhstall”).

The cozy bar is equipped with numerous wall paintings for homesickness Europeans (a small relaxing oasis). 😉

Kuhstall Barn has a pool table and a football table for small or big tournaments…
…if you don’t like to have a small talk with the barn-girls…

Beautiful Philippines! But from time to time have long-term expats and tourists a bit homesick ... POI: the Barn helps there a little

Welcome to Kuhstall Barn!

kuhsThe barn bar with international drinks tall

The Kuhstall Barn bar with international drinks


Party time at Kuhstall

table soccer - are YOU ready?

Table soccer – are YOU ready?

glaiza"I'm im Appenzellerland!" ;-)

“I’m in Appenzellerland!” 😉




All menus from Chicco’s or Le Chalet you can order also at Kuhstall Barn!


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  1. Kunkru Acht says:

    How you call those “hanging meat”? Like to order this next time in your restaurant…

  2. Kunkru Acht says:

    Hi Why Not! Thanks for the quick reply!

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